Jackal Tactical Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is the traditional time for families to show how much they care for each other, but this can be challenging for service members and their families if they are stationed overseas or deployed during the holidays. We have created this list to help spread the joy of Christmas to a family member or friend in the military, and we hope these gift ideas will lift some spirits.

We picked gifts that are useful for a military member or veteran, as well as functional and affordable, It’s tough selecting gifts for deployed, so we will point out those items that would hopefully be allowed on the deployment. Be sure not to send prohibited items.

Military Service Commemorative Gifts

Military Presentation Cases or Shadow Boxes are a great way to memorialize a military career by displaying important details from a veteran’s service. Suggestions for items to include are: the the veteran’s name, rank, and insignia, medals, awards and decorations, service badges, unit badges, an American flag, and other memorabilia.

 Military Challenge Coin Display Rack

Military challenge coins are used to show pride in a unit or squadron, or can be received in recognition of a job well done. Many service members accumulate quite large collections. A display case specifically designed for challenge coins is a great way to show them off! There is quite a variety to choose from including small individual displays, mid-sized table top displays with or without a glass cover, as well as large wall mounted display cases, and more.